New podcast launched!

I am very proud to announce the existence of the Music Meaning and Mystery podcast, now available on all major podcast platforms. You will now find a “podcast” tab on this website. I’ve linked to various locations you can find the show.

There are 7 episodes available and going forward all new episodes will get their own blog post here to facilitate some discussion about individual episodes. Each episode features a conversation with a musician or musician adjacent individual. The goal with these conversations is to explore the mystery of music in order to elevate it.

There are several episodes lined up discussing many topics relating to music: Selling out, shamanism, the mystic realms, music as medicine, the meaning of frequency, enlightenment via music and sound, and so much more!

look for an interview with a man who turned his life around by teaching himself to play punk rock and is now teaching the punk rock gospel to heal his children.

How about the episode with the woman who composed the world’s very first lesbian opera?

Maybe you’d like to hear about how music is used in Voodoo rituals in Haiti? There’s an episode coming up for that!

So go subscribe (and give a rating) on your favorite podcatcher and visit back here to tell us what you think about all of this.

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One response to “New podcast launched!

  1. Drew Minaker

    Awesome, Ulysses, looking forward to dialoguing about these episodes! Great podcast.

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