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#11 Instrumental musician Michael Hewett / Music and the Mystic Realms

Michael Hewett is an instrumental musician. We discuss channeling music, the transformation of the music business, western culture’s shortcomings in relation to arts and music, and the mystic realms.

Michael’s links:

Music Meaning and Mystery website:

Originally recorded June 22 2021

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#10 Alchemist Brian Cotnoir – Alchemy and Music

Brian Cotnoir is an alchemist. He is exploring the relationship of alchemy to music and offering a course on this topic. More info about the course and how to sign up here.

We discuss what an alchemist does, the music of the spheres, barbaric sounds, what is Hekate’s wheel? and more.
Also go look at Brian’s website for books and zines:

Delia Derbyshire, The Dreams:

Originally recorded Dec 27 2021

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