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What Do You Want?

My dear blog subscribers,

I’ve enjoyed putting together the podcast and writing some articles. This summer and fall however, has been very busy at my Joe job. So I’ve concentrated my effort in keeping the podcast schedule going and reduced my article output as those require more man hours to put together. I do see this winter being more conducive to expanding the Music, Meaning and Mystery project. But in which direction? That’s where you come in. Here is a little poll to gather your input. I appreciate your participation.

I will leave the poll up until I’ve gotten a substantial enough response from readers.

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What Shall We Do With Our Shadow? with guest: Seriah Azkath

Seriah is a Heavy Metal radio DJ and also hosts a paranormal podcast. We talk about great concerts we’ve been to, bridging disparate metal communities, haunted radio stations, can heavy music be medicinal?, and a paranormal experience Seriah had involving music.

Seriah’s metal show:

Seriah’s paranormal podcast:



Originally recorded April 13 2022


Background sounds used in this podcast came from the below sources and used under fair dealing law of Canada; education:

You can subscribe to the podcast at any of these platforms, below.

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Archive of older articles

This is the new domain of once was previously That blogspot still has all the old articles available to read.

All new articles will be published at this domain now:

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Pre-migration articles archive

To read older posts written at the blogspot platform click here. Or contact me via the contact page to request copies of these articles.

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